N'STEP Gangology

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

Works By Author and Gangologist Le'Taxione™

America's Love/Hate Relationship With Gangs (2003)

Black Rose (a Poem) (2004)

Color Addiction (2002)

Components that Perpetuate Gang Violence (Compiled by Le'Taxione)

Inmate Idolization, Institutional Confirmation & Incarcerative Intervention

Intensive Management Unit: Behavior Modification or Psychological Subjugation (2003)

Liberation on a Platter (2002)

Liberation or Emancipation (2005)

Managing the "Gansta"

"The Panacea" ( A Speech)  August, 2006

Per[etual Resistance- 21st cemtury Stuggle (2005)

Post Traumatic Gang Syndrome (aka Dissociated Association)

Quest for Relevance(2008)

Recognize, Identify, and Transscend

Structural Gang Culture (2008)

The Gangologists Principles of Kwanza

The Miscreant aspect of the gang mentality.

The Traverse: Youth's Middle Passage Between Home and School (2008)

Viewing Gangs in the Context of Culture (2008)

Why Black men abuse Black Women(1999)

It's Time (2008)

Rival Gang Politics (2008)

Doctrine of Retaliation (2008)

Normative Gang Culture Change Process2008