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To My Female Comrades

Former Structural Gang Culture Member -  At State of Today's "Youth" Town Hall Meeting, Chicago, Feb 20, 2016

For far too long- the issue with the structural gang culture has been articulated without taking into consideration the trials and tribulations that you endure within the context of our demonstration. I wanted to address you – specifically- that I may inform you that no more can the male comrades be allowed to neglect your divine femininity- your activity- that aspect of cultivation- nurturing- and guidance- that is inherently you- for to do so sentences us as a whole to destruction and devastation.


There is no doubt that your importance- your relevance- as it applies to the amelioration and reconstruction- of not only our communities- but also the reconstruction of the family union- has been marginalized.


There must be a clarification- an employment of a new paradigm- which will govern the interaction- whether intimate- or pure comradery- between yourself and the homeboys. No longer can you be viewed through the western hemispheric lens of chauvinism- misogyny- or gender bias.


In this struggle to ameliorate the conditions in blighted communities across America- you cannot allow yourself to be treated as less than0- for it is in your womb- the creator places both men and women- that will answer the prayers and needs of all of humanity. There will be no scientists- no doctors- no lawyers- no athletes- no homeboys- no nothing! - if it were not for you- that is real power!


That is a power that must be matured- that we may escape the plot that exists within impoverished communities- which gear our youth for the grave yard or prison yard. In order for us to marshal your inherent power- you must first see yourself in the proper context- that your self concept and self image is enhanced- forcing the homeboys- that do not have your inherent power of creation- to interact with you out of respect and awe- and if we don’t- it is incumbent upon you to deny us of your supreme presence- for in most instances we must be taught- by you- how to adore you.


Now some of my homeboys wont agree with what I’m demonstrating- because once the homegirl sees herself in the proper context- you will no longer have any sway over her- but it’s not your position to control anything concerning the homegirl- and if you do- you are weakening her- out of your own insecurities concerning your demonstration- and we don’t need any weak homegirls or insecure homeboys in this struggle- because the time has come for us to either sink or swim.


We have to change the conditions in our communities and we’re going to need all hands on deck- but most importantly- we are going to need the insight and the inherent power of our female comrades. Without her we have no chance!



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