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N'STEP Gangology
Le'Taxione Inc. *501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®


Dear Governor Inslee:

My name is Le'Taxione. I was incarcerated and sentenced to 3-strikes for robbery without a weapon. I’ve started this letter twice only to relent. What can I say to you that you've not already heard?.......The truth. First and foremost allow me to assure you that the purpose for this letter is not to minimize the crime that I’ve committed-past or present-nor is it my intentions to act as if my incarceration should not have happened; on the contrary, I thank law enforcement for arresting the man that I was-for I was of no value to the community nor to myself as a matter of fact, I was a detriment.

I think back on the destructive life that I led and am ashamed of who I was-the savage lifestyle that I was engaged in-for this I truly and sincerely apologize to those communities affected by my ignorance. The crimes that I committed against society must not only be remedied through my incarceration but also they must be atoned for-that my human right to be redeemed be accessed. It is in this vein that I seek forgiveness for the insensate violence that I perpetuated in the name of "gangs" close to 19 years ago.

In 1998-while in the throes of going through the judicial process-my daughter died and it was at that moment that I pledged to change my life in honor of her memory. It was at that moment that I pledged my life to eradicating gang violence.

Since my incarceration I`ve underwent a complete self transformation. In this arduous process-this pursuit of reform and reconciliation-I found that the Department Of Corrections offered no curriculum that addressed the very specific needs of those trapped in the destructive aspect of the gang lifestyle-and though I completed anger management, and victims awareness, the underlying issues that attracted me to the gangs were not fully addressed, so I began creating-based upon my life experiences of decades of Structural Gang Culture involvement and academic studies of psychology, sociology, biology, physiology, theology, and political science-an expressive and pragmatic curriculum (Gangology 101:The New Paradigm) to address the violent aspect of the gang mentality.

I needed to assist others who had embraced the mores-norms-fictive kinships-moral criminality-and street piety propagated in the streets- that fed their quest for relevance filling the void that they'd experienced within their family structures that they not travel the path that I`d witnessed first hand. This transformation did not occur as if by magic-no

one waved a magic wand and quelled my desire to be involved in the gang structure-for just as inculcating the miscreant aspect of the gang mentality was a process-eradicating it would also be a process.

I had to work hard to address the trauma's that played out in my mind like a documentary-beckoning me to participate in the negative psychology of gangs and along the way I’ve stumbled-but never have I fallen back into that psychology.

Though I’ve received infractions since my incarceration not one has been for violence, as a matter of fact, they've for the most part involved my quest for spirituality-my search for God.

In my quest for redemption-and healing-I’ve made gang members my personal target group to mentor and display a natural transition out of the miscreant gang culture and this personal crusade has-at times-been misinterpreted by administration-but that’s a cross that I’ve had to bear in my attempt to reach the seemingly unreachable. My corpus of

publications bear witness that I not only "talk the talk"-but I also "walk the walk".

In my journey I’ve written fourteen books-published ten. Two of these publications are gang violence prevention and intervention curriculums which were named in the study: SECURITY THREAT GROUPS IN WASHINGTON STATE PRISONS: AN EXPLORATORY SEARCH FOR BEST PRACTICES DECEMBER 2008(page 56). I’ve also published three children’s books, "I Am More Than A Gang Member", "I Love Myself", and "A Bully's Behavior"-donating proceeds to organizations which serve the youth.

I taught the Nine Steps To Empowerment Process (N'STEP) at the Monroe Correctional Complex-wherein thirteen students/gang members graduated and received a letter of congratulations from King County Councilman Larry Gossett and I also received the 2011 National Community Service Award from Hot Springs Rural Network & Gospel Fest.

I founded the N'STEP Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention Process, The Diamonds In The Rough(DITR) non-profit organization, LeTaxione Publishing, and the Community Opportunity Assistance with Correctional Help and Economic Services(COACHES)-all to address the specific needs of youth gang violence.

In 2010 my 3-strikes sentence was vacated(overturned) and I was remanded for re-sentencing, which if it had transpired I would have been sentenced to a maximum of six years and three months. Though both the Washington State Appellate Court Division II and the Washington State Supreme Court agree that I am not a 3-striker, I am held under the premise that my appeal was not filed within a one year time frame-which means that the time for justice had run out before I filed-a mistake that the Washington State Bar Association "Admonished"my, then attorney Leslie Stomsvik (WSBA No.3071 Disciplinary Board May 9, 2005)-for.

It was he-Leslie Stomsvik-that did not notify me of my one year time statute and now I m held accountable for a mistake that I had no knowledge of. I ask that you remedy this mistake......Pardon me.