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SD Day Address: California and Portland Comrades

It was my intention to be there with you all physically, but due to the circumstance beyond my control, I wasn’t able to have the honor of addressing you personally. For presence is more than just being there, and regardless of the fact that I’m not there physically, my presence runs rampant through both geographical locations. And the honor that you give me, invites my spirit to travel there and be among my Comrades. There is no place that I’d rather be, than there in your presence, for I long to experience again the love that you’ve shown me- on this day that we commemorate our initiation.

First and foremost, I want to congratulate all of you who have held fast to the constitution- the principles- and the code of ethics that governs our interactions. And I assure all of you- who have chosen to adhere to the direction in which I have taken our comradery- that my allegiance has never and will never change. But the trajectory of our activity must change if we choose to change the grim reality that we find our communities facing in this dispensation of time.

Every day that we awaken, we find ourselves facing dynamics that herd us toward the graveyard or prison yard. But now in our consciousness we are asking ourselves “Is this all life has to offer?”. Most of us have been blessed and now have children which has forced us to mature and make our exodus into manhood that we may maintain and sustain the needs of our children. We’ve grown beyond the self serving pursuits of self interest and instant gratification.

For we’ve found that the only way to secure one’s future- is to secure one’s future by one’s own hand. In our maturity we’ve shed the skin of adolescence. We no longer believe the get rich schemes that were so attractive to us it stunted our youth. So we holding down jobs and providing for our families. And I commend you for that. But we also in our youth- perpetuated an image that today’s youth – through gangsta idolization, are striving to emulate. And we now have a responsibility to the possibility of their success. It’s not enough that we save the youth that come from us biologically.

We must also break the cycle of violence and criminality- that the youth that come from us ideologically, philosophically and psychologically partake in. Those ones that believed in the demonstration that we displayed when we were on the block banging without a pause. How do we do that? It is said that where there is darkness, crime will be committed. We all know that crimes are committed at all times of the day. So darkness is more than just a time of the day. Darkness is a state of thinking, and being.

When individuals are mis-educated, impoverished, unemployed, discriminated against- socially, politically and economically disenfranchised- languishing disproportionately behind the steel curtains of the prison industrial complex- their thinking and their being is in a state of darkness. And crime is the result of these social injustices. So those of us who have matured have an obligation to shine light into the minds of the youth that we have adversely influenced.

We must embrace and engage in Concrete Activism. For all other forms of activism, though effective in the past have proven to be ineffective in the present. We must vigorously advocate on behalf of the youth that are not socially- economically- or politically aware of the traps and snares that are in their path if they don’t change the trajectory of their lives. And simultaneously give them the information needed that they may make more effective decisions that they may escape being placed back into slavery in the form of prison.

We must demonstrate the actualization of manhood- that those who don’t have a jump shot- a homerun swing- or the ability to score a touchdown pass- can visualize that there is more to manhood than excelling in sports. We must guide their entrepreneurial spirit into legal businesses that they may maintain and sustain themselves by their own exertion. We must hold each other accountable, informing one another when our influence in the development of our young Comrade is a negative influence, which must be corrected. And we must absolutely demonstrate a profound respect for the women in our lives. For when one respects women, one cannot conduct themselves in a manner that would dishonor the woman that gave life to him or her.

We no longer have the luxury to wait for change. We have to become the change that we seek. I will be there among you very soon. And when I touch down you will no longer have to tolerate these substitutes- these weak representations of who we are or what our demonstration consists of.  And when I do touch down, the time for gathering and talking about solutions will be eradicated. For I will bring with me product- organization- a business model- and the burning desire to see you successful.

Those of you-who in the past- followed me into violence and criminality- I ask that you now walk with me- N’STEP®- side by side into success.



SD Day 2016

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SD DAY Address 2016

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