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Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

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Psychodynamics Of The Gang Mentality takes an unblushing look into the psychological developmental process of the gang banger. It explores and exposes the sociogenic-psychogenic-and crimogenic environs and how these realities seemingly-innocuously socializes and orientates youth who are in risk-for violent gang activity.

In this work-Le'Taxione-masterfully introduces the reader to the psyche of a gang banger-while simultaneously making you cognizant of the elements-external as well as internal-societal as well as communal-intrinsic as well as extrinsic- that fosters-cultivates and socializes criminality. He posits that" the insensate violence that is perpetuated by gang bangers is resultant of an inordinate apathy -and violence is seen as a vehicle to exact power within a social construct wherein they are powerless-impotent". 

He also introduces the gang banger to the hard reality that-"insensate violence and murder find their genesis in a lack of self-worth-a distorted self- image and are superimposed upon others-externalized-to keep the gang banger from turning his vehemence inward upon him/herself". He explains how murder and suicide are two sides of the same coin-for any act of violence inevitably acts against ones own self interests. This authentic- experiential-and insightful work shines a light into the psyche that has been veiled by the darkness of street activity.