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Le'Taxione- Still in custody after a unanimous clemency decision on December 11, 2015

Dr. Secrest,

Thank you for your feedback to our recent social media post regarding our founder. I am Alafia Rodway, Executive Director of N'STEP® Canada, mother of two, and I have never attempted a handstand. From my office in Ontario Canada, I manage N'STEP® and the interests of our founder Le'Taxione™ internationally. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the work of our founder. It is my hope that since you are the only public servant in Washington State to acknowledge by response, my task of correcting this delay in justice, that you will assist us in effectuating Le'Taxione™'s release.

I am under the impression that you were present at Monroe Correctional Facility, during 2005 or 2006 for a Juneteenth event. Le'Taxione™ was a speaker at said event and believes you were present. He has developed his work since then to include a corpus of work centred on Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention, and even with international recognition, no one has challenged the N'STEP® science or any publication from his corpus of work.

N'STEP® is committed to Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®, and was included in the report Security Threat Groups in Washington State Prisons: An Exploratory Search for Best Practices Washington State Department of Corrections December 2008 on page 56. The report can be found at this link   https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/media/publications/wa_doc_prison_gang_report_on_best_practices_2009.pdf.

Le'Taxione™ is also the founder of the non profit organization Diamonds In The Rough and Le'Taxione Publishing. To view his publications please visit https://www.nstepgangology.com/le-taxione-publishing and https://www.nstepgangology.com/works-by-le-taxione. His accomplishments are impressive despite being incarcerated, without an established process to effectively address the rehabilitation of a member of the Structural Gang Culture, and presents the reader and community with an unquestionable authenticity and determination to addressing gang violence. He acknowledges this work at his atonement and his assignment. The clemency board returned a 4-0 decision on December 11, 2015 and from my position and location I am extremely concerned and disappointed that the State of Washington has not delivered justice.

I am told that Le'Taxione™ is the first in the history of Washington State Penitentiary to receive clemency. The fact that he has spent 12 years longer than he should have in custody, cannot be denied by the justice system, and we-without reticence- publicize the letter of admonishment received by his previous attorney L.O. Stomsvik, on May 9, 2005 https://www.nstepgangology.com/admonition-of-l-o-stomsvik . Le'Taxione™ should not have been sentenced under the Three Strikes Law.

N'STEP® continues to serve our communities under Le'Taxione™ 's leadership. We are now three months beyond clemency. Justice has been delayed, and we want to remedy this immediately. What else do we have to do to bring about the release of a man who has rehabilitated himself, developed a recognized and appreciated Gangology101: Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention Curriculum, who should not have been in custody this long, and who is eagerly awaited by communities across America to assist in the eradication of gang violence? Dr. Secrest, from my position, this situation is a bureaucratic disaster. It has cost our founder years of his life, which he is never the less grateful to God that he was able to use them wisely. It costs the State of Washington $109.42 per day to keep him in custody beyond December 11, 2016, added to the cost to keep him incarcerated 12 years longer than required. I respectfully ask, what more does Washington State require?

N'STEP® was represented in Chicago at a Town Hall Meeting hosted by Congressman Danny K. Davis themed State of Today's "Youth". Please view our site for more information https://www.nstepgangology.com/n-step-in-chicago-feb-20-16. Le'Taxione™ had to provide transportation for and arrange for representatives from Portland and Ohio to attend on his behalf. He was not deterred. N'STEP® is his assignment and atonement. He will serve the youth to the best of his ability.

There are programs in Colorado currently incorporating his curriculum, and attracting interest from venues. We have had to issue licences for our materials to be used in Colorado, and sold several curricula within their library system. Detroit and Columbus Ohio are waiting for us to update them on Le'Taxione's availability. We have several groups waiting for his release and confirmation of his attendance. How do we convince Washington State to do the right and overdue thing? Have we missed something?

Dr. Secrest, I am appreciative of your schedule and responsibilities to the public and your clients. I appeal to the advocate in you to assist us with Le'Taxione™'s release, and can proudly say that you will never regret your decision to take a stand on Le'Taxione™ 's behalf. He has no other need than his overdue freedom. He has established what is required for him to secure his needs and is at no risk of recidivism. 

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Stay blessed and be well always.

Kind regards

Alafia Rodway
N'STEP® Management
Executive Director, N'STEP® Canada