N'STEP Gangology
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Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

The N’STEP® curriculum examines numerous aspects of the gang mentality that have not been adequately explored and which are previously unexplained.


N’STEP® utilizes elements of psychology, biology, physiology, etc. to develop N’STEP®’s science – Post Traumatic Gang Syndrome©. N’SETP®s underlying premise is that the gang lifestyle creates in the individual gang member, a mentality which, if not addressed becomes habitually detrimental. It seeks to address this mentality by equipping the student to Recognize, Identify and Transcend© the harmful elements of this thought process. The curriculum is based on the premise that thought determines actions, and recognition that changing the decision making process, will ultimately change the action, and allow for regeneration and growth within the gang and the community as a whole.

N’STEP® is not a ‘gang prevention’ program – it is a gang violence prevention process.

N’STEP® does not encourage gang association but does not mandate gang disassociation; rather it targets the negative aspects of the gang mentality. N’STEP® gives the gang member the tools needed to reform within his/her community and to effectively attack the miscreant gang behavior “From The Inside Out®”. The N’STEP® curriculum facilitates the development of integrity, dignity and autonomy, even within the gang environment.


N’STEP® is authored by a Gangologist

N’STEP® is therefore uniquely credible in the eyes of active, former and prospective gang members. N’STEP®’s author has added to his gang life experience, extensive studies in a wide array of disciplines, including psychology, biology, physiology, etc. to develop

N’STEP®’s science and change process.

N’STEP® recognizes and respects gangs as a legitimate sub-culture and uses its established cultural elements to affect positive change.

N’STEP® utilizes elements of the Structural Gang Culture© to critically examine the impacts of the associated negative behavior.






Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention

Helping us to consider a new paradigm for understanding and addressing the elements of the gang experience; those which lead to incarceration and which are destroying our families and our communities.