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Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

I wanted to touch bases with the many people who follow N’STEP®’s CONCRETE ACTIVISM-and simultaneously acknowledge Mr. Salazar and his Hardknox Gang Prevention Organization. Mr. Salazar is definitely on the move and is a vetted soldier in the cause of eradicating gang violence in impoverished communities.

That being expressed- at 5 o’clock this morning I was reading scripture- and I ran across this verse- “Go to the ant, thou sluggard:, consider her ways, and be wise which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provided her meat in the summer and gathereth her food in the harvest.

As a very young child- I remember having an ant farm- and how intrigued I was at the organizational and operational unity that they displayed in order to perpetuate their longevity. I also marveled at the resiliency of this magnificent creation.

The ant exists everywhere on our planet- except on the north and south pole- because they employ a work ethic that is impeccable- and they defend- with their lives- their queen.

Here is the demonstration- we must adopt the organizational and operational unity of the ant- and the willingness to defend our queens with our lives- that we may secure a future for our youth- and perpetuate our longevity. This means that we must pool the resources of our individual skills- marshal them into rank- and move forward as an organization- that we may maximize our potential and ability to effectuate change in blighted communities across north America.

The unification of our skills- is the only way we can exact change- and this endeavor demands organizations- for a house divided amongst itself cannot prevail.

N’STEP®- as an organization- seeks to gather-marshal- our individual skills- and unify said skills for one aim- one purpose- and that is the eradication of gang and youth violence. If you have a skill- that you are willing to lend to this cause- please join our organizational efforts- and through your membership- help grow N’STEP® into the demonstration that stands in the gap between our youth and destruction- for we have not the luxury to wait for politicians to solve our issues.

No skill is insignificant- and all skills must be employed. Our future is at stake.