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At a time,when people are concerned about the preservation of our natural resources, the N'STEP community is made up of individuals who care about our most precious resource-our youth.

Members of the N'STEP Community recognize that without the preservation of the lives of our young people, there is no future for our communities. They also recognize the fact that gang violence is claiming the lives of our young people at an alarming and unacceptable rate- through death and incarceration.

Members of the N'STEP Community overstand that what we have done in the past to address the gang violence issue has not worked and are not afraid to say that "we have to try something new"-they recognize that if we don't we will continue to see the death and destruction that gang violence is causing in our communities.

The N'STEP Community members are open to the concept that what we define as "gangs" are not in and of themselves negative or destructive, rather the miscreant, violent and criminal aspects of their behavior is what must be targeted for change-turned around. We know that in this turn, groups of young (and not so young) people, with shared values and a common goal that benefits the community is a powerful force which can fill the needs of the individual, group and of the community.

We congratulate you on your courage and welcome you to the N'STEP Community!


To provide youth and adults, recently released from custody and are displaced due to their incarceration, poverty, or lack of economic opportunities with resources designed to empower and develop self reliance and self actualization creating more successful re-entry and safer community.

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To provide educational, recreational, scientific and artistic services and features to children, youth and adults who are displaced, homeless or disadvantaged due to poverty and lack of education or economic opportunities.

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Gang Intervention And Net Growth

The G.I.A.N.G. organization is in the application process of receiving 501 C3 status. We are organized to aid and assist at risk youth who are gang and/or violence affected. 

Through our program, the youth are introduced to life skills, conflict resolution, successful thinking, and horticulture, as a way to spark their interest in natural growth processes that can be attributed to their life experiences. 

We want to both lend our support and thanks to Le’Taxione and the N’STEP organization for the assistance and creative direction given to us. We, the Asian community, look forward to working with Le’Taxione and N’STEP, to work within our communities that are fraught with gang/youth violence. It is imperative that we work together to save the lives of our youth and rebuild our communities.

Lam Giang

Founder of Gang Intervention and Net Growth.


Pueblo, Colorado

October 15, 2015

Attn: Le’Taxione, N’ STEP Founder:

On behalf of the Hardknox Gang Prevention and Intervention Program, we would like to express our appreciation for receiving N’STEP’s consent to use the Gangology 101 curriculum within our program.

The Hardknox Gang Prevention and Intervention was officially founded in July, 2015. We are a 501C3, nonprofit corporation. Currently, the program is going on site to local agencies, presenting the gang prevention and intervention curriculum. The goal of the Hardknox program is to reduce violence, raise awareness, and decrease gang activity and gang related crimes in our community. Prior to that, the founder and CEO, Mark A. Salazar was providing his expertise in street and prison gangs, via numerous presentations to various agencies. The goal in mind was that of educating professionals in recognizing and addressing gang issues. His presentations include but are not limited to the following: Pueblo County DSS, Colorado STING conference, Pueblo Probation, Pueblo City Council, School Districts 60 & 70, Municipal and County Courts, District Attorney’s Office- Juvenile Diversion Program. The program is an Educational/Cognitive-Behavioral and Evidence Based program which targets identified high risk behaviors to include: anti-social behaviors, criminal activity, anti-social peers, substance abuse, and familial issues.

We thank you in advance for your support.


Mark A. Salazar

Founder/ CEO


`...we commend you and thank you for your tireless work to create curriculum, content and a growing network of positive social impact - especially for engagement of youth, the redirection of destructive lifestyles and ` upliftment of humanity`. work like yours and spirited people like you we champion. We hope any authorities overseeing your freedom and well being take such efforts into account as you are an asset to the global community...` - Emilia A. Ottoo, Founder, CEO of OBA