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LETAXIONE INC.  501 (c)(3)
Engaging the youth-Changing the future

N'STEP Gangology
Le'Taxione Inc. *501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®


First and foremost, we must pay homage to the only Cat that can ever claim to be my OG- and that’s Max the Bear. For it is from his vision that we all operate- it is from his mind that our demonstration finds expression- and for that reason he should be honored in our activity as Diamonds. Everyone of us who are blessed to have lived through the gun fights- the extended prison sentences- the deaths of our comrades- and even the births of our own seed- must overstand that we are now living in different times. Wherein codes of ethics- principles and aspects of our constitution have been bastardized and infected with additives and preservatives that have torn our communities apart- split out allegiances and caused the deterioration of the unity that we once shared. 

Instead of us being the whole 62 carat Diamond we’ve become Diamond chips- each one rejoicing in the fact that they are separated from the whole. And the sad part about this is that some of us who are supposed to be in positions of leadership- those who are supposed to demonstrate the vision of Max the Bear- are feeding this division in their quest to be viewed as OGs in the absence of Max the Bear. Cats that are misguiding and prostituting the youth for their own vanity. Cats that say that they love the Hood but are complicit in destroying the potential of the Hood. Now some of you will not like what I’m saying. They’ll ask “Who in the hell do he think he is?”. Well, I’m your Comrade. And sometimes being your Comrade means that I have to tell you the truth regardless of the repercussions- regardless of whether you like it or not- and regardless of who you think that you are- or what position that you hold or think that you hold- within this demonstration.

Here's what’s real- anyone who has been blessed to be of influence to our young Comrades has the obligation to lead them into the direction of life- financial security- home ownership- the ownership of land- and their absolute responsibility to secure a future for not only their children but a future for the community that we have tattooed in our skin and are ready willing and able to live and/or die for. This will never be a reality as long as we have those that want to be viewed in the light of leadership prostituting our Young Comrades- selling them the self destructive fantasy of getting rich quick through criminal activity and living happily ever after. This is a fairy tale that must be exposed as a vicious lie that causes us to be enslaved on the new plantation called prison. Every one of our Young Comrades has a right to live, actualize their manhood and maximize their potential. If we can’t overstand that we will find ourselves forced to bury our own children because we didn’t have the courage to stand in the gap between them and certain death.

Our children- our Young Comrades- stand at the crossroads between life and death. And those of us who have lived through the violence and criminality that have become a new form of suicide- have the duty to save them- guide them through this maze called The Hood and the traps and snares laid for them- that when they be afforded the opportunity to grow to their full potential. For it was our pettiness- envy- slander- and hate for some of our own Comrades whose names are more familiar than our own- our perception that we should be honored more than the next Comrade that has split our Hood into millions of Diamond chips.

Le’Taxione/a.k.a./Mr. Yo-Yo

January 26, 2016

Le'Taxione (Open Letter To Diamond Leadership Fresno Chapter)