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Inslee Undermined by DOC

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee's Executive Order Undermined by Corruption Within the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Washington State Department of Corrections undermines JayInslee's executive order and falsifies documents to keep Le'Taxione falsely imprisoned.


"DOC’s practice of manipulating ASAM scores, in cooperation with embattled ABHS needs to be audited.” Le’Taxione states from Olympic Corrections Center camp.

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee has been one of Washington state's most progressive and constitutionally sound governors in state's history. One of his crowning achievements being the wisdom and humanity he displayed in abolishing the state's death penalty, one of the reasons being “it’s racially discriminative”, he stated in an interview. In his efforts to effectuate racial and judicial equality he also employed the clemency process as a parole board of sorts to give second chances to those who were sentenced under the state's three strikes law but have earned a second chance. In the state of Washington African Americans are disproportionately sentenced under the three strikes law “an issue that is made manifest by systemic racism” states Mr. Le’Taxione an incarcerated person that was granted clemency by Governor Inslee in 2016.

Le’Taxione has served approximately 22 years of a life without the possibility of parole sentence under the three strikes law. In 2017 he received an infraction for testing positive on an Alco-sensor3 breathalyzer(.04) while at work release and was returned to total confinement. “I only did what normal citizens do when they are sick, I took NyQuil for my cold.” Le’Taxione stated. But little did he know that NyQuil contains alcohol and though it’s not liquor it tests positive on breathalyzers.

In his hearing officer Ms. Ledeaux stated, “You may not have drank scotch or bourbon, but by your own admission you took NyQuil, and because NyQuil has alcohol in it, I’m going to find you guilty.” Governor Inslee amended Le’Taxione’s clemency order giving him an extra 6 months in prison with the stipulation that he receive an alcohol and drug evaluation to inform possible treatment, and that’s where the problem was exacerbated for Le’Taxione.

He was given an assessment at the Airway Heights Correctional Center where his ASAM score was documented as a 2.1 on April 25,2018 an assessment that himself and Mr. Christopher Babcock (CDP) signed. On May 1, 2018 Le’Taxione was scheduled to see Mr. Babcock (CDP) again at which time he was informed that there had been numerous e-mails received concerning his assessment and that Mr. Babcock had been instructed to “bumpup” Le’Taxione’s ASAM score to a 3.3 and place him in an intensive residential treatment program called the Champion Program. Le’Taxione was also instructed by Mr. Babcock to sign a pre-prepared assessment that reflected an ASAM score of 3.3, and when Le’Taxione refused to do so he was threatened with an infraction. “You can’t ask me to commit fraud, then threaten me with an infraction if I refuse to do so” Le’Taxione stated.

Le’Taxione was transferred to the facilities camp and placed in a chemical dependency class 2.5 where he promptly filed a complaint with both the secretary of the Department of Corrections and NAADAC.

After completing 8 weeks of a 12- week program Le’Taxione was arbitrarily and capriciously removed from his class for reasons no one at the time were cognizant of. Le’Taxione again filed grievances and complaints for being taken out of the class on July 26, 2018 and on August 9,2018 he received a response from Mr. Al Lopez (CPM) of the Substance Abuse Recovery Unit (SARU), dated July 30, 2018. In his response Al Lopez states “Until a clinical team at head quarters could review your clinical files and documents, you were placed on suspended status from group to appropriately address your concerns. Based upon review, it has been determined that the level of care most appropriate for you is level 3.3 as noted in the assessment conducted 425-2018.”

Le’Taxione filed for public disclosure under RCW42.56 and found a host of e-mails concerning the issue. One that stood out in particular was one from Tom Nollette to Richard Fall (SARU) dated April 25,2018 at approximately 8:23 am, before Le’Taxione had taken his assessment on that day, requesting that Mr. Fall manipulate Le’Taxione’s  ASAM score to reflect a 3.3. Said e-mail was eventually sent to Mr. Babcock, who did not receive it before the assessment. Mr. Babcock when replying to said e-mail stated, “This would have served myself and the offender better if I’d received it before the assessment.”

On October12, 2018 Le’Taxione signed his release papers to be released from prison on October15, 2018, but approximately 30 minutes later he was handcuffed and escorted to the Segregation Housing Unit (SHU). On October 29, 2018 while Le’Taxione was in the SHU, he was served with documentation stating that because he didn’t complete his chemical dependency class, he was in violation of his clemency order and for this reason the Washington State Department of Corrections was requesting that his Life without the possibility of parole sentence be reinstated.

“I was befuddled, to say that I didn’t complete my class, after being capriciously removed from the class, was like me standing at the corner waiting for the green hand to appear that I may walk across the street, a police vehicle at the stop sign, another police officer standing behind me, who then pushes me in to the crosswalk and then the officer in the police vehicle arresting me for jay walking” Le’Taxione stated.

Le’Taxione and his attorney Jeff Ellis argued this point at a DOC violation hearing on November2, 2018 and even though the lead counselor Mr. Stokes stated “I don’t think he (Le’Taxione) got kicked out of the substance abuse class for his behavior in class, but he simply didn’t finish, the condition is that he finishes that before he is released, so he was unable to do that.”

“Imagine being constructively denied being able to complete a class that you must complete to be released from approximately 22 years of incarceration, then a life without the possibility of parole sentence being reinstated because you were, out of retaliation for exercising your rights, arbitrarily taken out of?” Le’Taxione rhetorically asked. During said DOC hearing counselor Clinton B. Hunt, who Le’Taxione had filed grievances against, prior to being taken out of class, for racial discrimination admitted in his testimony under oath that “If he (Le’Taxione) had not been filing all of those complaints he would have been released.”

Sounds far fetched?

Washington State's Office of the Ombudsman Mr. Matthias Gyde states in an official document to Le’Taxione “Your claims of retaliatory behavior should have been substantiated and we’re addressing this with HQ.”

If Le’Taxione was retaliated against and kept in prison past his release date due to said retaliation why does he remain in prison?

Though Le’Taxione has no documented history of a drug use disorder why has he been placed in a 3.3 chemical dependency program at the Olympic Corrections Center Camp in Forks, WA?

Mr. Trevor C. Davis (LSW,LCDCIII), who recently conducted a DSM-5 and a chemical dependency evaluation with Le’Taxione states in his report dated February24,2019 “The recent treatment he (Le’Taxione) has engaged in (8 weeks completed as a part of a 12- week treatment program) exceeds what I feel is appropriate for his situation.” Mr. Davis (LSW,LCDCIII)completed both a Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) and a Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST) which are 98% accurate, with Le’Taxione and “finding no basis for alcohol or drug use disorder” went on to state, “interview did not reveal any discrepancies with his written screening nor did I observe questions in his communication that mind indicate attempts to cover problem drug use.”

Internal e-mails between Tom Nollette, Richard Fall (SARU), Bryan Smith (SARU), Al Lopez (CPM,SARU), Dawn Williams (SARU), David Musser (SARU), Dante Harper (NW Regional Administrator), MacPevey, Sherri Albrecht (DOC HQ Classification), and Christopher Babcock (CDP) revealed that there was not only a conspiracy to retaliate against distribute a false3.3 assessment of Le’Taxione to force him into treatment that he didn’t need, but said acts resulted in an attempted cover-up which caused Le’Taxione to be falsely imprisoned past his release date of October15,2018.

False reports by Clinton B. Hunt, Jaime Womack (CDP), Dawn Williams (SARU), Dante Harper (NW Regional Administrator),and MacPevey were relied upon at Le’Taxione’s DOC hearing wherein a biased Laurie Peters contrary to the evidence presented, found Le’Taxione guilty.

When Le’Taxione was asked “What is your next step?” he replied, “I’ve attempted to resolve this issue with everyone in DOC to no avail. I’m now going to present this newly documented evidence to Mr. Tyler Wonhoff, council for governor Inslee and request that this matter be revisited and that I receive an immediate release.”

Le’Taxione is an award- winning author, the president of Le’Taxione Inc. which is a tax - exempt non- profit organization in the state of Washington, founder of the N'Step Gang Violence Prevention organization ( www.nstepgangology.com) and Father who has written a book on this subject entitled " Treatment -The Chemical Dependency Hustle " ,due to be released in 2020.

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