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Engaging the youth-Changing the future

N'STEP Gangology
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Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

What we’ve done in the past hasn’t worked!

Prevention: Urging youth to “just say no” to gangs

Intervention: Recreational escapism (e.g. law enforcement sponsored basketball games)

Suppression: Increase incarceration of our youth.



 Challenge Ourselves to Think Anew About the Gang Violence Problem

•        What we call ‘ganging” (Young people in groups of 3 or more) is a normal peer activity for adolescents…a form of group  interaction- the violent aspects of it is what we must prevent.

•        There are unique elements of the gang experience which until now have not been identified, which create and feed the mentality of the gang member and lead to violence.

- Color Addiction© & The Violent Color Response© (a learned reaction to specific colors)

- Inmate Idolization©. (A Phenomenon that includes incarceration for the youth gang member as a badge of honor, and which subsequently provides for mentorship in violent gang behavior, and which perpetuates the cycle once they return to the community)


Pursue a New Paradigm

•        Change our focus from gang prevention to gang violence prevention.

•        Change our focus from gang denunciation to gang reformation Changing Gang Behavior From the Inside Out®.

•        Forced denunciation creates a cognitive dissonance that often makes any further consideration of positive change impossible.

•        Forced denunciation causes the gang member to be ostracized and removes him/her as a tool for positive change. Change our     focus from directing the gang member to incorporating the gang member into the solution.

•        Recognize that “the legitimized” gang banger is key to “legitimize” positive change within the gang

•        Acknowledge gangs as a legitimate culture in order to see and implement well respected and evidence based social change process to initiate their transformation… From The Inside Out®

•        The solution to the gang problem starts with the gang members.

•        We can no longer leave the Structural Gang Culture© member out of the equation.


Realizing this, N’STEP®’s Gangology 101©, using the author’s life experience in the form of the N’STEPS®’s companion piece “Original diamond Boy: Psychology of a Gangbanger”, educates the member of the psychological and sociological dynamics that feed the attractive pull of the Structural Gang Culture© philosophy and shows them how these dynamics inform the member’s perception.

Interactions and behaviors – it then introduces the member to new thought processes that transcend the cultural and sociological dynamics giving them the tools needed to go back into the community and to effectuate sustainable change; inevitably Changing Gang Behavior from The Inside Out®.