LETAXIONE INC.  501 (c)(3)
Engaging the youth-Changing the future

N'STEP Gangology
Le'Taxione Inc. *501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

The G.I.A.N.G. organization is in the application process of receiving 501 (C)(3) status. We are organized to aid and assist at risk youth who are gang and/or violence affected. Through our program, the youth are introduced to life skills, conflict resolution, successful thinking, and horticulture, as a way to spark their interest in natural growth processes that can be attributed to their life experiences. 

We want to both lend our support and thanks to Le’Taxione and the N’STEP organization for the assistance and creative direction given to us. We, the Asian community, look forward to working with Le’Taxione and N’STEP, to work within our communities that are fraught with gang/youth violence. It is imperative that we work together to save the lives of our youth and rebuild our communities.

Lam Giang

Founder of Gang Intervention and Net Growth.