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What is Concrete Activism?

In every dispensation of time we find ourselves under circumstances that have evolved- and under said circumstances our language and demonstration- must to- evolve to describe and convey our present reality that we remain on time- in time- affording our self the best opportunity that we effectuate change- in the environment that we are addressing.

Until now- we have been applying the terminology- (grassroots activism)- to describe our methodology and though it is not my position that we defenestrate said terminology- I do acknowledge that we must evolve- and terminology - that we may- not only describe our reality properly- but that we may also describe our methodology correctly

The reality that we are in a dispensation of time that we are in arkaik terminology- and methodologies- have been rendered impotent- ineffective- and unattractive- as it applies to youth/millennials- for in this dispensation of time- marked by community deterioration- mass incarceration- a shrinking middle class- and an ever expanding poor class- we need a new brand of activist and activism to actualize social justice and change.

Said activism must be of the people- by the people- and for the people- and our leadership cannot be manufactured from the remnants of the status quo establishments- less we unwittingly sabotage our cause and set up another aspect of a social construct that has not been fair dealing- as it applies to the disenfranchised and marginalised.

We - THE CONCRETE ACTIVISTS- born out of disenfranchisement and marginalisation- believe that true and sustainable change is more likely to be effectuated by those who suffer the most- those who have experienced- first hand- the issues that we seek to change.

We believe that america works best when any and everyone has access and input in the direction that our country is going -in that we act in good conscience - that we may eradicate structurated racism- which has become a cancer within our social construct- causing the deterioration of the fabric of this great country- and we will organize and mobilize around these most unattractive issues.

CONCRETE ACTIVISM- is to rise above titles- reached beyond party lines - political affiliations- religiosity- and any other tool of divisiveness that splinters the cause- by exercising both ORGANISATIONAL AND OPERATIONAL UNITY- pulling our knowledge- resources- networks- and skills that we may mount a unified push against injustice everywhere.

CONCRETE ACTIVISM is thankless - it is selfless- it is gritty- but it is real and imperative. We do not seek the limelight- but we do not shy away from it. We seek just justice! We seek change! And we will articulate our position on any stage.


N'STEP Rep Anthony Washington Attending the Black Man & Boys HEALING Summit with Unify Portland.

President Lyndon B. Johnson held a meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- and other civil rights leaders- discussed the marginalization and disenfranchisement of Black People in America. It is said that Dr. King eloquently described the social stratification- experienced by Black People- and through the use of scripture- made the case for justice and equality for all people regardless of the colour of their skin.

It is said that president Johnson agreed with every point that Dr. King made- acknowledging the truth of what Dr. King was saying but stated- “You have to make me do the things that you’re asking me to do” (paraphrased). How does someone make someone adhere to justice?

This is the purpose of Concrete Activism. Concrete activism- not only makes it easy for the status quo establishment- to adhere to justice through organization and mobilization- but it also- through acting as the conscience of a social construct- demand that justice be served- by speaking truth to political power.

Concrete activism is a demonstration. It is a duty for each and every one of us who seek to effectuate change- within the context of society- and all people are afforded the constitutional and human right to life- liberty- and the pursuit of happiness. I deserve to actualize that right- and I have a supporter that wants this for me- so much so- that they appeared on the steps of the Washington state capital- and demonstrated that fact. That is an aspect of concrete activism.

What have you done today- to effectuate change? Now that you’ve lent me your ear- lend me your voice- and sign my petition.