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Letter to Washington Governor J. Inslee from Bishop Shon L. Davis
supporting the petition to RELEASE LE'TAXIONE

Hello and greetings to our Honorable Governor Inslee,

My name is Pastor Shon Davis and I am writing this letter on behalf of the fair and equitable petition of the release of an inmate housed at Walla Walla Correctional Institution, by the name of Ernest Carter, Le'Taxione.

I am the senior pastor of Jesus Is The Answer City Church in Spokane WA. I am also the Bishop of Kingdom Fellowship Church Alliance of the pacific northwest. I served on the Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council to help build the case for prison reform in Spokane, in which we were fortunate to be selected to received the McArthur grant to assist in changing the culture of corrections. I have established re-entry programs in Spokane to assist in the transition of inmates from prison back into society. I work very closely with our Mayor of Spokane, David Condon and our Police Chief to assist in establishing the Presidents 21st century policing recommendations, more specifically in building "Trust & Legitimacy" between law enforcement and community. I was selected to represent Spokane WA in an invitation to come to the White House (DOJ-COPS-PERF) to present as a best practice model, the programs that we have implemented to "Bridge The Gap", between Law Enforcement & Community in Spokane Washington.

I have established a partnership with the Spokane Public Schools in providing mentorship, prevention & intervention for gang affiliated youth. I was also solicited by your staff to join a state wide committee to address the prison reform issue and establish diversional resources in place of incarcerations. However, my main experience that makes me interested and passionate about supporting this petition is that I also am a former gang member from Compton California with a proven track record that people can change. My life and my journey is and has been used as evidence based, that rehabilitation, personal and communal transformation does work and can effectively influence change within their environments.

Those that are closest to the problem are closest to the solution. So I write to you today as a 21 year resident of the State of Washington to ask for your support in granting the clemency and release of Le'Taxione. Taking into consideration his body of work that proves his rehabilitation as well as the asset that he would and could be within the communities of Washington as a gang prevention specialist. Which would address the issues and recommendation of the prison reform as a preventive tool instead of reacting in ways of intervention and reform.

I personally believe as my self, that the release of Le’Taxione and with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of gangs, gang prevention and intervention. That he could lend to the vested interest of our government to provide safety and wellness of all citizens, to provide exceptional education in preparing future leaders and innovators for todays obstacles and societal distractors, as well as being cost effective in shifting more of governments budget towards college preparation vs. incarceration. I believe that with the right support groups, accountability partners and mentors, that Le'Taxione's release would be a "Win-Win" decision within your list of "implementing transformable and sustainable ordinances that improve the quality of life of all Washingtonians, under the tenure of your governorship.

I want to personally thank you for your time and consideration towards this matter. God Bless Us All


Bishop Shon L. Davis (KFCA)