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Behind The Steel Curtains

By: James Robinson Jr. - Founder, Evolving Growing Changing (E. G. C.) 
“Exciting Growth and Youth Change”

Brothers and Sisters do you all hear that loud noise; can you hear it? If you cannot identify the sound allow me to help you. The sound you hear is our alarm clock giving us clear indication it is time to wake up, open our eyes, get the sleep off, so we can see what is going on.

My soul goes out to the young nine-year-old Prince that was gunned down in Chicago. This act was committed against one of our young Future was heinous, we will never know what that young Prince was going to be.

How is it that we want to go to the promise land but we are stalking each other? From the bushes ambushing each other preventing ourselves from making it to the promise land. Time to wake up Brothers and Sisters this is our promise land; we build it so why leave it? We as a whole have been asleep not aware of this fact. We are so consumed on trying to get someplace but do not have a destination. The destination is here today…

We are marching down streets chanting Black Lives Matter but yet we kill our youth whether it may be by violence or poisoning them with idiotic rules and false bylaws created by an idiot that has no true concepts of why gangs were formed, one was to protect the community such as the youth. I am outraged by some sleeping gang member that spoke to reporters stating the young nine-year old’s death was a part of the “Game”. The feeling you just felt hearing that is what I myself felt upon hearing it. I can bet you that same idiot that spoke those words is against mass incarceration and police brutality, wow. This heinous act only opens doors to keep the doors closed to keep our Brothers and Sisters locked up…

How can we ask for support from the world when we are not supporting ourselves? How can we ask the world to not judge our kin but the content of our character when we act this way towards our own?

My Brothers and Sisters let us tear down our mental state of slumber and awake the sleeping giant that lies within, let us rebuild, starting with the real bylaws established in the sixties our Fathers and Mothers stood on. One of the main laws was to protect our communities by evolving growing and changing the conditions we live in for the better starting with the future which is our youth.

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By: Jerrel Jones

As I sit and watch these new reality T.V. shows: House wives of Atlanta, Love in Hip Hop, The Real, and etc., I can’t help but to ask, why do our sisters down play each other about criminal convictions? And most of all, why down play Black men that have been convicted? Is this not what Willie Lynch preached and many other of our oppressors to keep us all from progressing to a better sate of being? What’s the prize for putting another man down? I can’t think of one, nor can you. But I can surely list a dozen negative aspects of it. The most lethal, you discourage men from wanting to change. Since all he has to look forward to is his own people looking down on him. After considering that alone, what would make you change if you were in that circumstance? There are really good brothers out here that have a burning desire to achieve change and success.

Yet with no help and support from our sisters having to endure ridicule, we are at a loss. If we are al loss, there is no future and hope for the new generation. When does the revolving scenario of mayhem, hurt, pain, ridicule, loss, mistrust, and back stabbing stop? When are we going to take a stand and say enough is enough and reunite to better our declining circumstances?

Maybe the next time you see on of our babies slain on the streets you’ll wake up? Or will it be your child then it’s too late. We need our (sisters) women to support us, respect us, and uplift us. So we can work together and be together to take care of each other and our children. If you want to ridicule somebody so bad, ridicule the founding fathers of the U.S., that committed more crimes than anyone in humanity. Ridicule the justice system that convicts the poor on flimsy and or no evidence. Yet let the rich and white cops go scott free of charges despite overwhelming evidence of guilt.

If we can forgive our founding fathers and other oppressors for the horrible crimes against humanity, then why not forgive one another and move forward? Let’s forgive one another and advance. The difference between the rich and poor is the rich pay for no conviction. And the poor can’t afford the price and are convicted. The prison is a multi million-dollar industry. So prisons need to be filled by the poor to obtain slave labor to keep the rich, rich. As long as the rich stay rich they will target us and place us in jail (modern day slavery). What’s the prison system (the rich) doing for you other than putting more of a burden on humanity? Awaken your consciousness. No longer should we be blind sided and manipulated to hate or dislike each other over the title: “convict”. Convicted because I’m poor and Black.

Don’t get it misconstrued. Some people do deserve to be locked up but the justice system is clearly disproportionate when it comes to Blacks. Even our President and other officials agree on that fact. Theirs no programs made available or required for guys to take in order to obtain and maintain change here. So many guys get out in a worse condition than they started out. But it’s Black men like me and a small hand full of others that are mentors and advocates for violence reduction, man/fatherhood, education, health, spirituality, and etc. People/brothers like me had none or minimum guidance/direction in life, or knew how or what they should be. Now that I have found my way, educated myself, and know my true purpose in life, I’m continuing my journey to success taking everyone that was left behind with me. I’m doing a lot of great things and I’m looking to expand.

God has a judgement day. Some shouldn’t judge people for their past history. For people change in time. So judge a man on his present sate of being. Give brothers/men, like me a chance and support us. For we want to make changes despite the odds. We want to come out and not only be productive members of society but be leaders in revolutionary thought. We want to hear your thoughts and concerns. So talk back, write back. Let’s see what we can do for each other and humanity. Divided we fall, yet together we rise. And most importantly, behind any and all men’s success is a woman.

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