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Thug Messiah

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 10:10 PM



In my last piece I eulogized a comrade- and admonished those who seek recognition as being veterans from the hood. This has caused some- to once again- ask my position on the Structural Gang CultureⒸ- and again - I’m going to make my position so clear that Stevie Wonder can see it- and place it in the public domain- for the record- that you may overstand my demonstration.


I’ve never advocated the denunciation of the hood- nor have I condoned the method of debriefing for those that are part of the problem must be a part of the solution and there has been far too many lives- sacrificed in this demonstration- in our quest for relevanceⒸ- and access to the american value system of power- wealth- prestige- and inclusion - but it was out of exclusion- discrimination - marginalization - disenfranchisement- and apathy- that the Structural Gang CultureⒸ was born.


I am not attempting to rationalise - or justify - the insensate violence that I’ve perpetuated in the advancement of the gang mentality for the crimes that I committed were not only horrific- but they caused the deterioration of the very same communities that I’ve resided in across america. It is only my attempt- to make pellucid- my position.


Lets approach this reality- realistically- not through the rose tinted lenses of faith without works- words without activity- prayer without deeds- for these practices are rooted in fear- and fear has a chilling effect on motion- known to kill more dreams than failure.


I foster - nor nurture- any form of fear- as it applies to my comrades who are active- for I find the genesis of my work today- in the streets - on the blocks- in the hoods where this activity is prevalent- and if it wasn’t for my experience in the Structural Gang CultureⒸ- I would have never been able to publish the literature - which is absolutely - the cure for the violence that we are witnessing in blighted communities across america- and the world.


Though I’ve been trained - in college curriculum- I was educated in the streets- my experiential block knowledge giving me a PHD in gangology- and this discipline- this subject matter- is not taught in college- this subject matter is hands on - on the job training- and to fail this subject matter - may cost you your life- rather then result in a lower gpa. My organization's motto is - “Changing Gang Behavior From the Inside outⓇ”.


This means that I have abandoned the archaic- co-dependent mentality- that positions us to petition the Government- or wait on some benevolent representation of success to do for us - what we must do for ourselves!


It is us- though we didn’t create the circumstance- who perpetuate the malady that exists in our communities - and the petitioning and protesting has exhausted its effectiveness.


Al Sharpton - Jesse Jackson- and other manufactured leadership - have too - exhausted their effectiveness.


It is now our obligation to exercise self determination- in order to change the trajectory of our collective future- for there is no “I”- without “you”- and there is no “you” - without “me” and the sooner that we adopt- and act in accord with this ideology- the quicker that we can preserve the lives of the youth- that watch us - and pattern themselves after our activity.


Am I the Thug Messiah?


We all are- but only if we choose to lead courageously- correctly- and champion this cause to “Change Gang Behavior From the Inside Out”Ⓡ.



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