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Open letter to Fresno California - District 3

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 10:10 PM



I’ve been notified that one of my young comrades- whose father- too - is a comrade- was found with a gunshot wound to the head- laying in the streets- like an animal- as if his life was of no import.


I immediately called my comrade Randy “Blue Bear” Dixon- who verified that this tragedy - has in fact taken place- and as he explained the circumstances surrounding the horrific death - my heart was overwhelmed with pain - like someone was puncturing it with an ice pick- and as my eyes filled with salty water- I asked myself - why?


Why must we continue to exhibit the characteristics of beasts - in human form?


Why is life - of no import to us- and our youth are being eradicated from the face of the earth?


Though I’m not a religious man- the answer is found in this scripture - “For I - the lord god - am a jealous god - visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children” - Stop right there!


The sins of the father are visited upon the son- so what we are witnessing - in Fresno California's District 3- is the hell that the fathers have wrought - being visited upon our children - magnified by their own inordinance.


“Every action - has an equal and opposite reaction”.


Because our bodies have a biorhythm - and there is a vibrational frequency attached to our activity - which - in turn - sends ripples into the universe- and because we live in a universe of cause and effect- “Every action - has an equal and opposite reaction”.


We - the fathers - have set in motion a recompense that must be actualized- and if said recompense - skips us- it is visited upon our children - so the scripture states - “Prepare the children for slaughter- for the inequities of their fathers”.


So it's not enough that the fathers quit banging and move out of district 3 - for there is a price that must be paid for the activity that we were engaged in - when we lived in district 3.


How do we right our wrongs? How do we - as fathers - make amends? What must we do to redeem the lives of our children - that we so ignorantly - thought inadvertently - offered up - when we were banngin?


We - as fathers - must atone for the violence that we perpetuated - in our ignorance!


What is atonement?


Atonement is to make amends for a sin- fault- or other wrong.


Atonement is a process by which we- not only redeem ourselves - but we also redeem the lives of our children- that they get a clean slate- a fair start - wherein our madness - is not visited upon them.


How do we atone?


We admit the wrong that we've done- out loud - ask for forgiveness- then we do a good deed - in expiation - of the wrong that we committed.


Who do you think you are Yo-Yo?- that you can speak to us like this.


I am who I have to be- and that is the conscience of this Diamond Crip Demonstration - a father who has two active sons in District 3- saying to you what nobody else- at ground zero - has the testicular fortitude to say to you.


I am your Comrade!


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