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Faustian Bargains

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 9:35 PM



In my endeavors to exact redemption through the atonement process- I’ve been approached with faustian bargains - that if acted upon would have- not only capitulated my integrity - but would have also capitulated the integrity of my work - and for this reason - I rejected said deals - out of hand - for there is no finality in my character - or demonstration - I CAN’T BE BOUGHT!


In my studies of organizational psychology- I’ve found that there has been two character defects- that have always caused organizations to implode- rendering them impotent- ineffective- and undermining the cause for which they were initiated.


This reality finds expression - in every failed organization - that has existed - since the beginning of time - and those two character defects are - envy and venality.


Envy and venality- have been the root cause - of every failed organization - for they are insidious - surreptitious - and masterfully veiled in concern- and financial advancement.


Envy is insidious - in the fact the it can’t be portrayed to the naked eye unless it’s in the presence of the object that it envy’s - and it’s ability to contort itself- to hide within any circumstance- makes it almost undetectable- invisible.


Venality is surreptitious- in the fact that it burrows itself into the intrinsic functionality of organizations- and whispers into the hearts of its membership- by offering itself as a financial solution- when in reality - it is driven by greed- selfishness- and pessimism.


I used the terminology- character defect- rather than character flaw- for a flaw can be corrected - but a defect has no redemptive qualities. If something is defective- it must be discarded.


That being expressed- I was recently offered a significant amount of capital- under the condition that I alter my curriculum- to fit the status quo establishments philosophy on gang prevention.


Without naming names - at this moment - here's my retort- “I am a God!- I refuse to capitulate my position on gang violence prevention and intervention - only to join the feckless- chorus of popular opinion - that has not been effective- in this area of expertise - since the late 1700’s. I’m not an analyst - nor do I follow data- and or statistical trends. I am a real - live - authentic - gang member - who has actualized redemption - through the atonement process- and has been given assignment by the universal order of things - to effectuate change among those trapped in the traumatic- negative aspect- of the structural gang culture mentality- and to change a process “N’STEPⓇ” to appease - fiscal - popular opinion- would not only render me ineffective - but it would cause N”STEPⓇ- to be - out of step - undermining my assignment. “


I make you privy to this fact because I want you to see me- in the proper context. I’m not your average negro! I am a principal's cat - who knows his worth- whose self image has not been distorted by circumstance- and whose self concept has remained intact. Even under the profuse attack on the character of those who languish behind these steel curtains- so when you approach me- know that I am authentic - TILL DEATH DO US!



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