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The Enemy in My Friend's Skin

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 9:25 PM



First and foremost- these thoughts are not meant to be abrasive- on the contrary- they are placed in the public domain - to add context to that which we experience - as human beings- on a continuum.


We all experience - what is termed - the “Judas Factor” - for anytime one endeavors to reach new heights - climb the social ladder - effectuate change among the disenfranchised masses - in that instant- the universe prescribes for you a Judas- one who stands in opposition to your destiny - but we must see said Judas - and their opposition - in the proper context.


Once we endeavour to maximise our potential - actualize our God self- vibrational frequencies are emitted into the universe- mimicking the ripple that expand outward from there point of origin - as in a pebble being thrown into a pond - but six miles high above the earth - is the ceiling of gravity - and this barrier - acts as opposition to the frequencies emitted - but if the frequencies are routed in magnanimity - moral rectitude - God consciousness - it shatters the opposition found in the ceiling of gravity - pierces the universal plaine - impregnating it - and causing it to give birth to circumstances that brings your goals into fruition.


This happens on a electrical - spiritual - vibrational level - but how does this law apply to this carnal - psychical plane.


Once we endeavour to maximise our potential - actualize our God self- there are those who we deem friend - who can’t countenance our advancement that experience a sense of abandonment - and this allows envy to grow within their hearts - giving rise to resentment - causing them to become opposition - a ceiling of gravity to your advancement and success.


But just as the baby bird experiences the pain of breaking through the shell of the egg- to come into light or life - just as the rose must endure the pain of pushing its way upward - through the earth - to be kissed by the sun - and just as a baby must experience pain - pushing its way through a small opening in the womb - to come forth into light or life - we must endure the pain of pushing through the opposition of the enemy - evident in our friends skin - that we too may come into light or life - and achieve our desired goals.


Every living organism must experience pain - in order to effectuate growth - for with growth is pain- and with pain is growth - they are inextricably bound - and necessary for success.


Your desire to be successful must transcend the pain that's attached to the goal - and you must be willing to not only grow past the enemy in your friends skin - but you must be willing to sever all ties - when the enemy in your friends skin - becomes your Judas- and opposes your success.


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