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Thought Trapped in Matter

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 9:25 PM



I watch as humanity - through limited forms of thought surrender themselves to systems- that superimpose upon them - it interpretation of reality surrounding themselves with material things that permit them to be deemed- as successful - by the limited consciousness of this social construct. A social construct that dictates thought - in these systems - activity- and even one's appearance.


We have become so consumed by this material plain of existence - which is an evanescent illusion - that we’ve capitulated our sovereignty - becoming lost in matter - ferss to our own manufactured dogmas - traditions - laws - and belief systems.


We've allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in this earthly garment- called body- survival becoming our preoccupation - relinquishing the essence of our true selves- our God selves- which affords us the attributes of creativity - and for that reason we suffer under the yoke of oppression - for we choose matter- carnality - to the detriment of our God potential.


Instead of being the expression of thought over matter- we've become thought trapped in matter- creating realities that tether our emotions to this illusionary plain of existence - and for that we perish as matter - instead of elevating and transcending this plane - as the Gods we are.




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