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Holding Prison Officials Accountable - Reduces Recidivism - and Creates Safer Communities.

Posted by anonymous on July 7, 2017 at 9:20 PM


As you may know - I am presently transitioning out from behind the steel curtains of the prison industrial complex- and for the past 21 years- I've had to parse my words that I not - through misinterpretation of my position - jeopardise my liberation - but as my international spokesperson stated to me today - "There will come a time when the parser of words will no longer parse his words" - and this is that time.


I must simply know - that my liberation is an intricate part of the universes plan to ameliorate conditions in blighted community's -

and that the universe was created in truth - so in order for me to stay in alignment with the universe- I must - not only stand on and in truth- that I must speak truth to power - and into every circumstance - that is with out truth.


This is not an easy task- for when one stands on and in- and propagates truth - one is immediately subjected to an onslaught of opposition-That is rooted in - and benefits from- the lie.


Here's the demonstration- I've - for the past 21 years- been upon a trek of redemption - atonement- and transformation- and it would seem that anyone that has witnessed my ascension to new levels of humanity- would applaud and support my endeavor - paradoxically- the very system - who's stated goal is to make safer communities by reforming incarcerated persons- have been my greatest opposition.


Notwithstanding the inspiring leadership of Gov. Inslee - The Washington State Dept of Corrections- unaccountability- as it relates to its employees racism- and now malfeasance under the color of law - is the greatest impediment to its inhabitants successful matriculation back into society.


This is not an indictment of all DOC employees- for there are many that have handled me with respect and dignity- but the administrators in positions of authority- those who hold the power as signets - practice and perpetuate a culture of unaccountability- that acts as a corrupting agent of the psyches of new and impressionable minds- coming into the correctional field.


Couple this with the fact that those who are sentenced to lengthy sentences - are not afforded access to educational and vocational classes- trades - that are offered by the facility- though it is a proven fact that education - the learning of a trade - significant lyreduces recidivism- making communities safer- and you have a circumstance - that by proxy- promotes and perpetuates recidivism and less safe communities.


For example - I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole - in said sentence - proscribed me from accessing classes- and a trade- so my redemption - atonement- and transformation was an internal decision - which compelled me - before my liberation was even a possibility-to invest in the responsibility of ameliorating social ills that I helped to perpetuate in my ignorance- but what happens to the woman/man that wants the same for their lives- but because these avenues to access educational- vocational- and trade classes- are

closed to them those who suffer the inordinate discrimination of an administration that is accountable to no one?


I'll tell you what happens- because I've witnessed it - they fall into despair - and apathy- subjecting themselves to the sociogenic and psychogenic influences that are prevalent in prison environments.


They become even more crimogenic- and when released - they unleash this dehumanisation upon unsuspecting communities throughout



In light of this reality- I'm calling for an audit of the Washington State Dept. of Corrections - their hiring practices evaluated and some form of accountability to the community in wherein they are releasing prisoners- instituted. Lets open the ledgers - peel back this onion- and apply the fragrance of accountability to its putrescence.




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