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LETAXIONE INC.  501 (c)(3)
Engaging the youth-Changing the future

N'STEP Gangology
Le'Taxione Inc. *501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

The N’STEP® crown is made up of blue, black and red bandannas, which those in the Structural Gang Culture© refer to as “flags”. These flags of blue, black and red, are representative of a wide spectrum of active Structural Gang Cultures© across America.


The crown not only signifies royalty and authority, but also honor and righteousness. These are the foundational principles upon which our Structural Gang Cultures© were originally based.


The flags are separated and fractioned by perceptions, but as with any fraction, in order to get a whole, we must find the common denominator. Since black is the foundation from which all other colors are derived, the black flag serves as a common denominator by which the blue and red flags can become one. Once the blue and red become one, there is a change to the color purple. Purple is the color of authority, royalty, honor and righteousness, denoting that if the Structural Gang Cultures© can unite, we can eradicate the violent, miscreant behavior perpetrated against each other. We can return our communities to safe havens and exhibit the authority, royalty, honor and righteousness that our Structural Gang Cultures© were originally erected for.


The acronym N’STEP® denotes action, advancement and unified movement. We have a responsibility to our communities. We must get in step (N’STEP®) and honor that responsibility.

N’STEP® neither condones, nor advocates violence and/or criminal behavior)