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LETAXIONE INC.  501 (c)(3)
Engaging the youth-Changing the future

N'STEP Gangology
Le'Taxione Inc. *501 (c)(3) Nonprofit 

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®

Who We Are

N’STEP® is not a ‘gang prevention’ program… it is a gang violence prevention process.

It does not require denunciation from gang affiliation. It recognizes that forced denunciation creates a mental dissonance which builds walls to positive change, and unproductively isolates the gang member seeking positive change from those who need his/her influence the most.

N’STEP® is authored by a Gangologist- lending it unique credibility in the eyes of the gang member and gang wannabe. N’STEP® recognizes the gang as a legitimate culture- it chooses its battles and does not focus on how our youth wear their pants, rather

N’STEP® utilizes the very values relevant to inner city youth and gang members to establish its unique ability to reach otherwise unreachable youth, because it is based on the very foundation which its client base has sworn to uphold.

N’STEP® addresses the mentality that manifests itself in destructive gang behavior. It is not a recreational program. It is a curriculum which works to dismantle gang violence and gang crime at the root and “From The Inside Out®”.

N’STEP® received its business license on January 1, 2007. In choosing to be responsible for its own destiny, protect its integrity, and not be bound to the quid pro quo that is often concomitant with non-profit status, N’STEP® decide to enter the struggle of grass roots community activism as a sole proprietorship. Since then, N’STEP® has been on the forefront of the sparingly publicized movement to quell youth and gang violence, both in our communities and behind the steel curtain of the prison industrial complex.