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In his second children’s book, A Bully’s Behavior, Le’Taxione takes on the subject of bullying and shows us a path toward the transformation of both victim and bully. The story is clear and crisp, with lovely illustrations by Randy “Blue Bear” Dixon. 

While intended for children from late elementary through middle school, older students and adults will find it enjoyable and illuminating. I was particularly struck by the communication between the fathers and sons. The hero of the book, Ivory, is afraid that his stepfather will see him as a coward because he doesn’t want to fight and has chosen, instead, to avoid confrontations. The bully, James, tells his father, “Every time I cried you told me to stop acting like a girl.” Fortunately, Ivory’s dad is able to assure his son that avoiding confrontations is not cowardly, and James’ dad is able to apologize for giving his son the wrong impression. The ending of the story is one of reconciliation, brought about because of the willingness of all involved, children and parents, to meet and speak freely and truthfully. Le’Taxione helps us understand that truth and reconciliation are needed for healing in middle schools as well as in the wider community and the world. 

Barbara Bennett, Ph.D. 

School Psychologist and Educational Consultant. 

Co-founder of First Place School (an independent school in Seattle for children who have experienced trauma due to family and/or community violence, homelessness, poverty, racism and oppression). 

Instructor, “The Psychology of Trauma”, a University Behind Bars course at Monroe Correctional Complex.