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Open Letter to 62 Diamonds and 62 East Coast of Fresno and Portland

First and foremost, allow me to extend my most profound love and respects for all of you who exist under these banners. Again, I come to you from the confines of a six by nine cell, reaching out from this darkness, into the darkness that you find yourself consumed by called the hood.

I just spoke to my comrade Chaos from Portland and my comrade Blue Bear from Fresno.  And though they are at different geographical locations, the narrative is the same. I just lost my comrades Poe Boy and Fat Rat in Fresno, and my comrade Reesie Cup in Portland. And while I continue to lose comrades to gang violence, there are those who write articles to sensationalize- those who form organizations to commercialize- and like Spike Lee has just done, those who make movies to dramatize our insensate violence and dire circumstances for profit. 

We’ve become product in our ignorance, and segments of this social construct are not only benefiting from this reality, but politicians are even getting elected through the exploitation of our ignorance. We are becoming a scourge on society, and the FBI has just formed a unit that is supposed to target domestic terrorists. Now the only task becomes to label you and your activity as domestic terrorism. 

I’ve grown weary of losing comrades. I’ve grown weary of losing comrades to the disproportionate effect of the prison industrial complex. Not only are we disproportionately and unjustly falling fate to the fire-arms of those who are charged with the duty to protect and to serve, but we are also being murdered at an alarming rate at the hands of those who look exactly like us. 

The scripture states “when I was a child, I spake and act as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things”. If this is true, in my humble opinion, what we are witnessing in our communities are men that have failed to put away childish things. What we are seeing are men who are stuck in their childhood stage of development. 

It is not my intention to degrade any one of you, for I am you, and I love you with all that is me. But I don’t love the fact that we are throwing our lives away in the manner that we are doing so, just as I don’t love the fact that people are exploiting our circumstance for financial gain. We have become actors in an epic movie. And though our portrayal of the hood experience is worthy of an Oscar, all we receive is a headstone, while those who orchestrate the script receive a standing ovation. It’s time that we take control of our own destiny and abandon the activity that we’ve displayed as children, grow into our manhood, and start producing an environment wherein our children and elders can flourish into their full potential. For if we don’t, if we choose to keep existing as product, stuck in our childhood stage of development, we will continue to fill these prisons and or die in the street like the common animal. I have two … fears, and they are these, either I’m going to have to help my comrades bury their children, or at some point in time, they’re going to have to help me bury mine. We can avoid this reality. And like my comrade Lil Patches has said “Those of us who have influence have a duty to clean up this mess that we’ve helped to perpetuate”. See this is our salvation, our atonement and our redemption. 

I leave you with this, Rest In Peace Poe Boy, Reesie Cup and Fat Rat. Rest In Peace Tyshawn Lee, the nine year old who was just killed in Chicago. And to those of us who are still breathing, let’s create a peace that we can live in.