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Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee's Executive Order Undermined by Corruption Within the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Washington State Department of Corrections undermines Jay Inslee's executive order and falsifies documents to keep Le'Taxione falsely imprisoned.


"DOC’s practice of manipulating ASAM scores, in cooperation with embattled ABHS needs to be audited.” Le’Taxione states from Olympic Corrections Center camp.

Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee has been one of Washington state' s most progressive and constitutionally sound governors in state's history. One of his crowning achievements being the wisdom and humanity he displayed in abolishing the state's death penalty, one of the reasons being “ it’s racially discriminative”, he stated in an interview. 

In his efforts to effectuate racial and judicial equality he also employed the clemency process as a parole board of sorts to give second chances to those who were sentenced under the states three strikes law but have earned a second chance. In the state of Washington African Americans are disproportionately sentenced under the three strikes law “ an issue that is made manifest by systemic racism” states Mr. Le’Taxione an incarcerated person that was granted clemency by Governor Inslee in 2016.

Le’Taxione has served approximately 22 years of a life without the possibility of parole sentence under the three strikes law. In 2017 he received an infraction for testing positive on an Alco-sensor3 breathalyzer(.04) while at work release and was returned to total confinement. “I only did what normal citizens do when they are sick, I took NyQuil for my cold.” Le’Taxione stated.But little did he know that NyQuil contains alcohol and though it’s not liquor it tests positive on breathalyzers... (READ MORE)

Gang violence is prevalent across America, reaching epidemic proportions and its growth continues to befuddle society in its attempt to discover answers to the ‘American gang problem’.  Various strategies of deterrence have been employed including recreational escapism, legislation, and imprisonment. But these tactics have proven ineffective because they do not adequately recognize the societal conditions that create gang members, nor do they effectively address the unique mentality that perpetuates negative and destructive gang behavior.


N’STEP®, the Nine Steps to Empower Process, is an innovative, non-traditional and effective approach to gang violence prevention and intervention. N’STEP® fosters trust, willing cooperation, and enthusiasm in those who are a part of or susceptible to gang affiliation. It was created and founded in 2001 by Le’Taxione™, a Gangologist with a vision for utilizing his own experience and in-depth knowledge of gang life to make positive difference in the lives of gang members.

This gang violence prevention and intervention curriculum provides a revolutionary solution for youth caught up in the destructive aspects of gang activity. N’STEP® seeks to offer an effective approach to meet the needs of gang members and affiliates by helping them to become better equipped to make beneficial personal choices and to help shape a healthier society in their own home communities. The N’STEP curriculum, and the companion text, “Original Diamond Boy: Psychology of a Gang Banger”, both authored by Le’Taxione™ (aka YoYo), are the cornerstones of the N’STEP® gang violence prevention and intervention process.


I'm Coming Home!


I can remember- standing in the courtroom- witnessing my own funeral- the eulogy being the sentence- life without the possibility of parole. Can you imagine- your fate being expressed so nonchalantly - as you absorb the magnitude of such a reality as- life without the possibility of parole?

During my 21 years - behind these steel curtains - I’ve watched the reality of being confined - without the cutaneous stimulation of a woman- break some of the strongest men- stripping them of their knowledge of civilization - forcing them into psychological caves wherein savages reside- and the character that they displayed- upon being confined - peeled away - exposing their intrinsic selves.

I’ve watched these men seek solace- in the institution of religion - searching for God outside themselves - not knowing that God can ever be evident outside of self- and to even attempt to make him/her so- negates one's self- because one is going outside of self- to identify that which exists in self.

The word God- merely serves as a garment- to make real- what has always been- always is- and always will be- this is the significance of the usage of language - for if it were not for language - words- a garment- we could never conceptualize that which is infinite.

What was it that sustained me?- one may ask.

It was thought- for I never accepted the sentence that was superimposed upon me. I never excepted prison as my reality- or destiny - and though I was physically apprehended I refused to be psychologically captured.

Every time that I spoke with my mother- I expressed - “I’m coming home” - and though I know that she believed - I also know that she couldn't fathom how.

In the process of me coming home - this journey- people appeared- some for a season- some for a reason. Those that came for a season - relinquished in the season that they came- and though it was painful- I overstood that it was necessary - that those that came for a reason could be positioned in my demonstration - so when ties were broken- I celebrated- knowing that they were only making room for my blessing. I met a lady once- who asked me - “how much time do you have”.

She was interested in me - at that time - and I replied to her -”they gave me life-but I’m not going to do it!” she smiled coyly- turned on her heels and walked away from me.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to- not only see me- but also see yourselves in the proper context. There is no such thing as an impossibility- for if you can visualize the future- you can position yourselves to walk into that reality. I’m saying that - through the expansion of your consciousness- upon actualizing your Godself - you can absolutely project thought then walk into that reality.

That being expressed- no longer does history have to be written- after it happens. Conceive it - then walk into it. I’m coming home!



Gangology 101© Curriculum

Psychology of a Gang Banger

Original Diamond Boy: Psychology of a Gang Banger


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