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Where There Is No Vision The People Perish.

On 12/10/16 I was speaking to a very intelligent women- who expressed both her bewilderment- and frustration- at the fact that I am not receiving the support that she thinks the cause of N’STEP Ⓡ - as an organization - and I - as the President/Ceo - of this organization - should be receiving - considering the loss of life that is being experienced - due to gang violence - in cities across America.

I attempted to address this issue with her during our 20 min discourse- but though I've become adept at communicating time constraint- we were abruptly cut off. That being expressed - I've chosen to write on this subject- in hopes of advancing the conversation - by sparking introspection - that her bewilderment and frustrations be addressed - first- within the breath that is in each and every one of us that are adversely affected by gang violence in the instant act- and even those who are affected - secondarily - as economic victims - who ultimately - through taxes - pay close to 42 thousand dollars a year to keep one who has been convicted of gang violence- behind the steel curtains of the prison industrial complex.

First and foremost- it is logical for bewilderment and frustration to be experienced- for this young lady - who happens to be caucasian- viewing this circumstance - through the prism of - need for a viable solution - yet a viable solution- N’STEPⓇ - not being supported.

Though social media has allowed us to engage vast numbers of people - simultaneously - facilitating an unprecedented connectivity - and a sharing of ideas and information - it to has created a culture of voyeuristic - couch activism - which allows one to purge themselves of the guilt of inactivity - by voicing opinions - in a couple of hundred characters or less - without truly being active in our obligation- to not only be stewards in the life force- but to also exercise our responsibility to guide the youth- in order to secure the viability of our communities - and fashion our collective future.

Couple this fact with the reality that there are - seemingly insurmountable - stigmas and stereotypes- that are concomitant with the circumstance of prison and those of us who languish under said circumstance - which act as engrams - that is left on the psyche of so-called free society- like a fingerprint by impress.

This fact proscribes the onlooker - from seeing the object of their gaze - in the proper context- relegating the individual of the interest - that have under the circumstance of prison - to a paradox - wherein they can rationalize an individual veracity - integrity- and dedication- but cannot visualize his success for apathy permeates their reality - as they - daily- eat from poverty- in drink from insecurity.

This fact is buttressed by the reality that - the mind- does not naturally think statistically. The mind tells stories - which are slanted - skewed - and in extreme cases - painted by experiences - traumas - biases - propaganda etc- becoming part and parcel of one's psychic impression - one's personality construct - one's cognitive styles- informing - influencing - and in some cases dictating - how one views oneself- others- and the world one lives in.

When one's mind - functioning from stories that are governed by experiences- traumas- biases- propaganda etc- is also fed erroneous information concerning both - oneself - and the world around them - it ultimately acts against its own self- interest - and inadvertently - in the interest of the same forces that is the source of discomfort and frustration.

This reality - subsequently - negates an investment and a vision wherein one exposes self-determination - as a vehicle by which conditions can be ameliorated - causing one to relinquish responsibility - and accountability - to the possibility of self-healing - through innovative approaches to social ills- procuring an anemic reactivity to external stimuli - rather than decisive proactive movement.


It was the lack of vision - of the people - that resulted in the unpredictable election of Donald Trump - and it is the accepted culture of voyeuristic - couch activism - that will watch - as our youth fall prey to cyclical - insensate violence - as mothers tears soak the sites of sidewalk vigils where their children lay in repose - and the taxpayer is shackled with the cost of incarceration.

I think that my Facebook site - facilitates the culture of voyeuristic - couch activism - wherein viewers purge themselves of the guilt of inactivity - through comments - in a couple of hundred characters or less - resulting in no decisive proactive movement - and I can’t - in good conscience - support such a lackadaisical approach to community reconstruction - so on 12/15/16 I will shut down the Le’TaxioneⓇ facebook site - until decisive proactive movement - on behalf of the close to 1800 followers - can be ascertained.

Until then I am going to tell you what Max The Bear (RIP) told me at the age of 11 when we accepted the constitution - “GO PUT IN WORK”! That if you want change - either put in the work - or support organizations that put in the work.

To support N’STEP go to the go fund me site. "Le'Taxione's N'STEP GANGOLOGY Fund”.

Politics and the emerging role of the Structural Gang CultureⒸ

2016 has proved to be an interesting year-disheartening for the vast majority of us who have witnessed our peers lose their lives in the streets- in the highways and byways of life.

We’ve also witnessed an electoral process- that has left many uncertain- and I watched in dismay- how the fact that Donald Trump has been elected president- has brought those who threw their support behind secretary Clinton- to tears.

I think that people discounted the fact that chauvinism- misogyny- gender- and a general disregard for the divine feminine principle- has been a hallmark of the body politics of this social construct- since its inception- the disparity and wages between women and men being only one of the manifestations of this fact- but i'll touch on that subject another time.

I want to evanescently highlight the fact that it was “working class white males” - that were credited for putting Donald Trump in the Oval office- and this informs us of the very real power relationship that has always been the substratum of our social construct here in America- and is also identified as who and what the status quo establishment is truly representative of.

I ask that you implore your intellect rather than your emotions- for when emotions supplement reasoning- it distorts one’s ability to perceive reality correctly.

Let’s move on.

When Barack Obama was elected- I listened to him make this statement- “The earth has shifted beneath your feet”- then he went on to state that those who had become culpable with the old ways of this country were- “disciples of a failed ideology”- then we are witnessing a resurgence of a euro nationalistic identity as a result of this electoral process- maybe president Obama attempted to bury all the racial ideologies of america prematurely- it is said that old habits die hard.

I’ve heard those of the structural gang cultureⒸ- express that they have no interest in the political process- for they don’t think that it affects them.

Not only is this statement not rooted in fact- but it is a blatant prevarication - rooted in emotion and ignorance- for politics affects every aspect of our sphere of activity- every aspect of our environment- and our condition within this environment- under this circumstance for every politician platform has been built on slogans like (law and order- war on drugs- tough on crime- and this phraseology works as code language- a dog whistle to body politics- resulting in new legislation and laws- that disproportionately affect those that languish blighted by the community.

Here’s just a few examples of this historical fact in the 50's and 60's conservative strategically equated protest to crime- issuing calls for “law and order” by their candidate George Wallace. Donald Trump employs this same tactic. In 1964 Barry Goldwater- in his presidential campaign- initiated the - “get tough on crime”- phraseology.

It was president Richard Nixon- who called for a “War on Drugs”- in 1968- a battle adopted by president Reagan in 1982. In 1994 president Bill Clinton adopted the “tough on crime” phraseology- endorsing the idea of a federal three strikes law- resulting in the largest increase in federal state prison populations in american history- according to the justice policy institute.

Now we have a prison population of 2.3 million- and I ask - who did this that disproportionately- makes up the bulk of that population? It is the disenfranchised- the marginalized- the poor who live in blighted communities.

Classism- though rooted in racism - has become the rule of day effectuated through the electoral process- political strategies which sustain the status quo establishment agenda to maintain an unequal power relationship so in reality- the failed ideology in president Obama- so eloquently eulogized - has not died it what just transformed - given a seductive veneer of change - couched in the phraseology of making america great again.

Back to the structural gang cultureⒸ- it is incumbent upon us to become cognizant of these realities - in processes- that affect our lives so profoundly - has become adept at countering the political strategies and tactics that capture us both physically and psychologically - but we can’t achieve this most imperative rolls through socially oriented violence and criminality- and to eradicate the effects thereof - we must change the way we view - process- and interact with reality.

At the present moment we are employing arkaik - exhausted methodologies- that are attempts to secure a future for ourselves and our seed. We will never be successful in our endeavor to secure a future - as long as our thinking- and our activity belong to our traumatic past.

Allowing colors to influence- and in some cases dictate our associations and interactions -  it's not only arkaik- and exhausted- but it is a psychological form of color addictionⒸ giving rise to the violent color responseⒸ- which feeds an ingroup and outgroup mentality - causing us to segregate ourselves- separate ourselves from each other- limiting our resources and the network needed to combat the social ills that we are faced with in our communities.

It is not the politicians duty to effectuate change in the community that they do not inhabit. It is our responsibility- to the possibility - that should indite and motivate us- to change the conditions in our communities - that places our youth - our precious seed at a disadvantage- and impediment in our quest for upward mobility- for if an environment - and community- is unsafe- unsecure- that reality superimposes itself upon the psyche of its inhabitants - making failure a possible alternative to success.

If our youth are forced indoors by our violent criminal activities - and our madness- we have constructively - desensitized them to incarceration- making the restriction to free movement-  a social norm that is reaffirmed by jail and prison.

Soon- I will be publishing my- “Structural Gang CultureⒸ Normative Social Change Process” and my nine point plan for community restructuring. By doing so I hope to spark our inherent genius - self determination- then position us to act as agents of social justice and change through N’STEP’sⓇ methodology of concrete activism- in this era of social engineering we made it.


While on duty within an organization of social justice and change aimed at educating inmates within the American prison industrial complex- I came across Le’Taxione™’s name and work. I was shocked that I had never seen his work before.

It had nothing to do with my living in Canada, or not being familiar with inmate advocacy and education- I had already gained experience in such campaigns and was aware of the mandates of popular organizations. But not aware of Le’Taxione™’s work. This was a disappointment. I had been present at board meetings of various groups. I had been present in department meetings organizing and creating curriculums and educational materials- seemingly conducting research and development. But Le’Taxione™ had already accomplished a corpus of work in this regard- based on multiple sciences- addressing a marginalized section of society- present in communities nationwide- who are losing the battle- on their way to the prison yard or the grave yard.

Who was preventing his work from reaching the people who need it the most? None of it made sense then- but it does now. Not all organizations of social justice and change are genuinely working on behalf of our communities. Not all campaigns regarding advocacy and public awareness are of added value to the people. They exhibit form over functionality- in disarray with poor organizational structure. Some of our boards stagnate in rhetoric and nostalgia while families bury their loved ones.

Let me be pellucid. We have within the Struggle- individuals who purport to be committed to mental and physical liberation- who deter progress as the means of maintaining their relevance in society. There are mascots and mannequins- disguised as advocates- in front of media cameras cutting ribbons and posing at vigils- who consciously make no advancement on behalf of the people- as the downtrodden provide these individuals with income- status- resources- even prayers- to no avail. Our suffering is their meal.

The arrogance of the status quo will cost more lives- frustrate the struggle- hide the truth- punish the honorable- reward sophistry and subterfuge- appoint misleaders- create more opportunities of oppression- while smiling at us before slithering off to their meetings and venues of political and socio-economical tactics.

Those who have careers within the prison industrial complex who have chosen to dehumanize themselves and become agents of human and societal destruction- will recognize pieces of their demonstration in Original Diamond Boy Part2. Le’Taxione™ has championed you and will continue to do so. You- agent of human and societal destruction- assumed that a member of the Structural Gang Culture would automatically succumb to the systemic racist agenda of the prison industrial complex- Le’Taxione™ has proven you wrong and the world is privy to why and how one must Change Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®.

Those who have been given positions of leadership within the struggle- who know they don’t deserve them- and continue to drain the emotional, spiritual, and financial resources of the oppressed and marginalized- will recognize their reflection in Original Diamond Boy Part 2. You are documented in history and exposed to society once again. You have abandoned your word- oath- duties- and have left the masses believing that you are an answered prayer. You are a detriment to yourself and your community- and have been concealing Le’Taxione™ and his work from the youth and those who genuinely work towards social justice and change.

Then there is the issue of “justice”. Society has accepted the unspoken price of justice and the suffering of those who cannot afford it. Le’Taxione™ has not. Original Diamond Boy Part 2 will expose the reader to what it means to be a Diamond Boy while outnumbered and in custody. This Diamond is  

beyond Hollywood depictions- political administrations- propaganda- miseducation- systemic campaigns to prevent someone from helping themself- sabotage- blatant lies and court processes that commit more atrocities than those who are accused.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Created under pressure.

You will overstand that Le’Taxione™ is an author- Gangologist- educator- leader- legitimate businessman- Concrete Activist- and a Structural Gang Culture member who will not genuflect under the pressure of an unjust system and organizations with Nothing Accomplished After Considerable Pretense. HE IS A DIAMOND. He has work to do. He will not be deterred by individuals and formations content with theatrics and pretense.

He will not be deterred by a system that continues to incarcerate him after they’ve admitted their own unjust practices. He is in perpetual motion. His work is his atonement.

Not only has he championed his battles- he has recorded in various texts- including Gangology 101: Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention- the methodology that should be applied for another to fortify him or herself as they advance to mental and physical liberation.

Be advised however- that your leaders have kept this information from you. I’ve spoken to staff in Governors’ offices. I’ve spent weeks in communications with members of the Black Caucus who claim to have an agenda on behalf of the public. I can tell you- with respect to Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention- they are unprepared- untruthful- ill equipped- and interested in another bottom line.

THE TRUTH FEARS NO INVESTIGATION- this is something Le’Taxione™ taught me very early. Check his work. Check his statements. You will know that he has been working on behalf of our communities for over thirty years – even during incarceration- without the assistance of the aforementioned - he fears no investigation. However, our leaders and organizations of social justice and change cannot extend such an invitation of investigation- they’re afraid you’ll assess their progress and lack thereof.

The 2016 election campaigns have consumed the public. Some may still have hope in the system. Some can’t wait for the hype of politics to quiet down. Some are aware that the results mean nothing to the Structural Gang Culture and the communities blighted.

Check the statistics of areas like Chicago and wonder why your President hasn’t made the effort to help those of his hood- who look like him- to better their communities. Let that sink in.

The science of Le’Taxione™’s work facilitates positive change from the inside out- accessible to all. Remember this when our leaders try to create groups of “us” and “they”. These are age old social engineering strategies that maintain the societal divisions- oppression- and the prison industrial complex. Govern yourself accordingly. Find the truth- the real- the inner resource- the path- and genuflect to no one. Stay the course. Le’Taxione™ has done it and will continue to do so.

The pressure is real- the opposition is homicidal and genocidal- the system is unjust- the leaders have sold out- the organizations have lost the moral compass required to stay the course- but…DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Original Diamond Boy Part 2 will prove just that.

Alafia Medina

Concrete Activist

My Apologia 2

       I ended the first part of my apologia- with a quote that was made by Pastor Shon Davis- in his letter to Gov Jay Inslee- concerning my expedited release. The Pastor stated- “those closest to the problem are closest to the solution”.

       This statement- is both true and profound. When you have a person that has experienced an addiction to a substance- and that person reforms and transforms their lives- that person is the best example- the best messenger- to those trapped in the state of addiction- for those trapped - can better relate to one who has lived through their circumstance - endured their pain- and have transcended- changing the trajectory of their lives- demonstrating the success in their journey- making success tangible- achievable- to those who are still trapped in a counter productive lifestyle.

      The trauma that procures post traumatic gang syndrome Ⓒ (ptgs)- acts as an acencent memory- when triggered - causes the structural gang culture Ⓒ member to relive said memory- and release is found in the participation in violence - causing a neurological chemical secretion of adrenaline and endorphins - causing a state of hypervigilance which becomes addictive - creating a personality construct- a psychic impression of oneself= it does not experience uforia - except in a state of conflict - and in the absence of said conflict - in some instances - drugs and or alcohol become substitute.

    Though we - as a social construct- are not ready to admit it - members of the structural gang culture Ⓒ experience the same relative aspects of the post traumatic stress disorder that soldiers returning from war experience. we experience hypervigilance - emotional hijacking- fear conditioning anhedonia - the only difference between what we experience- and what soldiers returning from war experience- is that one activity is deemed legal and the other illegal- but that too - is relative.

I’ve debated this fact with psychologist - psychiatrists- social scientists- and with the terminology and clinical analysis used in their field of study defended my position- a position that could not - and can not be refuted.

     This fact does not in anyway desmerch anyone that have served in the armed forces- on the contrary- my step father and my uncle were military- and both paid a price - a price that allows me to freely express my position without redisence - or fear of ignorance or opposing views- especially when my position is supported by behavioral sciences.

    This does not absolve me of any accountability in this epic drama - not in the least. I accept culpability - for my own fallibility - and deserved at that time to be incarcerated. I am merely giving the reader a evinecent glance into the psychological circumstances wherein gang violence flourishes.

     Because I can give the reader this insight - resultant of both my life experiences - and my pursuits in sociology - psychology- physiology etc. - and the fact that I transcended the miscreant aspect of the gang mentality= and have compiled a corpus of work to this end- makes me - one who is closest to the problem- therefore- closest to the solution.

Le’Taxione ™

My Apologia

The first in the series of writings on this subject.

I awakened this morning at 3:30 - as I do every morning - and as my cellie slept- I pondered my life's journey to various bicissitupes- to this point. It was 1974 when i began claiming Crips- and as I reminisced - I examined the exogenous stimuli -  that both consciously and subconsciously- influenced- and in some cases dictated the choices that I made- and would inevitably - result in me spending more than half of my life - behind the steel curtains of the steel industrial complexⒸ.

First and foremost- I want the reader to overstand that no one is separate and distinct from the environment that produces us- misogynist environmental stimuli is manufactured - circumstances fabricated - realities shaped and formed by our social construct- and though our environment may be marked by criminality - and viewed as negative - in reality it works as a positive - for it is necessary to fashion and construct the human being- that they may fulfill their purpose- if overstood correctly.

My mother Uvavi- used to warn me -” Yo-Yo you're going to die in those streets”- my father RIP- used to say - “ you'll die for your homeboys-but will they die for you”?  

What they cannot overstand - for they couldn't see my destiny- is that mothers and fathers- that had lost children to the miscreant aspect of the structural gang cultureⒸ psychology - experienced such a visceral pain- that their anatomical biorhythm and their prayers send vibrational frequencies into the universe - and when this transpires - the universe - an organism that obeys the law of cause and effect - must answer by fabricating circumstances wherein an answer to such visceral prayer - and cries - is created.

Wait a minute- before you conclude that I am bent on my own omnipotence overstand that there is nothing spooky about what I am saying. Im saying that - “ when there is a collective - visceral pain- suffering- that affects the mother - the vessel that God had chosen to share his secret of creation with - giving her the power to create life- as he/she does- the universe is obligated to fabricate the circumstance that leads to the construction of human beings that are given the ability to effectuate change- ameliorating the pain of mother” - this is why and how individuals are born that cure the diseases that caused humanity to suffer and no one can disagree that gang violence- has become a dis-ease in our communities.

I - just as other men and women- have endured the fire- of the structural gang cultureⒸ experiences - its insensate violence- criminality- it's psychosomatic impexities - and have been refined- the dross seared from our character - and now we redeemed existence as the solution to a problem that we will work complicit in perpetuating.

Neither sociologist- nor psychologist- have produced a panacea - that has effectuated change among the structural gang cultureⒸ  and how could they?They are not privy to the experiential knowledge as we have - so they are left on the periphery- applying clinical terms equal to throwing darts at the problem- while the backstreets of our reality run crimson with the blood of our youth.

As pastor Shon Davis of JITA City Church of Spokane,  Wa said “ those closest to the problem is closer to the solution” .


Gun Violence: What Needs To Be Said
Recorded by Le'Taxione, August 30, 2016


Gang violence is prevalent across America, reaching epidemic proportions and its growth continues to befuddle society in its attempt to discover answers to the ‘American gang problem’.  Various strategies of deterrence have been employed including recreational escapism, legislation, and imprisonment. But these tactics have proven ineffective because they do not adequately recognize the societal conditions that create gang members, nor do they effectively address the unique mentality that perpetuates negative and destructive gang behavior.


N’STEP®, the Nine Steps to Empower Process, is an innovative, non-traditional and effective approach to gang violence prevention and intervention. N’STEP® fosters trust, willing cooperation, and enthusiasm in those who are a part of or susceptible to gang affiliation. It was created and founded in 2001 by Le’Taxione™, a Gangologist with a vision for utilizing his own experience and in-depth knowledge of gang life to make positive difference in the lives of gang members.

This gang violence prevention and intervention curriculum provides a revolutionary solution for youth caught up in the destructive aspects of gang activity. N’STEP® seeks to offer an effective approach to meet the needs of gang members and affiliates by helping them to become better equipped to make beneficial personal choices and to help shape a healthier society in their own home communities. The N’STEP curriculum, and the companion text, “Original Diamond Boy: Psychology of a Gangbanger”, both authored by Le’Taxione™ (aka YoYo), are the cornerstones of the N’STEP® gang violence prevention and intervention process.

Open Letter To The Hood (Sample)



Le'Taxione received a recommendation for clemency on December 11, 2015. The decision was unanimous... Long before clemency was an option to him, Le'Taxione focused on his rehabilitation beyond what was available to him, and created a corpus of work including Gangology 101: Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention Curriculum. He developed the N'STEP Science and founded N'STEP (Nine Steps To Empowerment Process)- devoted to the eradication of gang violence... Read more.