N'STEP Gangology

Changing Gang Behavior From The Inside Out®


Gang violence is prevalent across America, reaching epidemic proportions and its growth continues to befuddle society in its attempt to discover answers to the ‘American gang problem’.  Various strategies of deterrence have been employed including recreational escapism, legislation, and imprisonment. But these tactics have proven ineffective because they do not adequately recognize the societal conditions that create gang members, nor do they effectively address the unique mentality that perpetuates negative and destructive gang behavior.


N’STEP®, the Nine Steps to Empower Process, is an innovative, non-traditional and effective approach to gang violence prevention and intervention. N’STEP® fosters trust, willing cooperation, and enthusiasm in those who are a part of or susceptible to gang affiliation. It was created and founded in 2001 by Le’Taxione™, a Gangologist with a vision for utilizing his own experience and in-depth knowledge of gang life to make positive difference in the lives of gang members.

This gang violence prevention and intervention curriculum provides a revolutionary solution for youth caught up in the destructive aspects of gang activity. N’STEP® seeks to offer an effective approach to meet the needs of gang members and affiliates by helping them to become better equipped to make beneficial personal choices and to help shape a healthier society in their own home communities. The N’STEP curriculum, and the companion text, “Original Diamond Boy: Psychology of a Gangbanger”, both authored by Le’Taxione™ (aka YoYo), are the cornerstones of the N’STEP® gang violence prevention and intervention process.

Open Letter To The Hood (Sample)



Le'Taxione received a recommendation for clemency on December 11, 2015. The decision was unanimous... Long before clemency was an option to him, Le'Taxione focused on his rehabilitation beyond what was available to him, and created a corpus of work including Gangology 101: Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention Curriculum. He developed the N'STEP Science and founded N'STEP (Nine Steps To Empowerment Process)- devoted to the eradication of gang violence... Read more.